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La Catalina Phase III

Many Costasur projects are eligible for Confotur.

Confotur: With CONFOTUR, the developments that meet the criteria are under this Law’s umbrella and so free from this tax. So, If the property you want to purchase costs US$100,000.00 for example, you would have to pay a single payment of 3% of the property value (US$3,000). But if the development is protected by CONFOTUR then this tax won’t be applicable for you. You are already saving yourself of 3% of the purchase value (for closing purposes).

Another tax payment that is exempted by CONFOTUR is Property Tax. This Tax represents 1% of the exceeding value of RD$ 7,438,197.00 (about US$148,000.00), of the complete patrimony of each taxpayer and it’s paid on a yearly basis. Properties and developments under CONFOTUR are exempt of this 1% property tax for up to 10-15 years.